101 Ways to Be Seen Across the Internet with Just One Podcast or Video Recording.

You may have heard it from top marketers in the world, or from one of the many "wannabe's" struggling to start and build their own podcast. Just one, simple, video file of your last podcast interview can reach a huge audience by turning it into splintered or "re-purposed" content and blitz it out to the internet. Just like glitter, it'll spread to corners you never thought of, and it sticks.


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Imagine creating a flood of content with a single recording. Stop struggling and feeling guilty about those recordings gathering dust, or because you keep putting of the obvious - building an amazing podcast. Even if you have just ONE podcast interview or YouTube video, you can cover the internet with your brand and message. Download our free Guide, "101 Pieces and Places Across the Internet." Go down the list and do the things that make sense. They are easy mark-off items so you can blast out the content you've already created and move on!

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